The Best Digital Marketing Agency For Small Business & Digital Marketing Courses in Chennai

We do digital marketing for Real Estate, Healthcare, Startups, Schools, Hotels, Restaurants, Jewellery, Fashion, and Make-up Artists.

We are a team of professionals with expertise in Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing that includes SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Content Marketing, Landing Pages, and Website Development.

Roles of Digital Marketing Agency

When you reach us for digital marketing consultation, we partner with you in providing solutions in 360-degree for your business improvements. We set roadmaps and goals for your business improvements with the required budget estimation for each milestone.

Thank you for choosing us. A very warm welcome to Vihaan Digital Solutions on behalf of our Founder.

– The Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing Team, Vihaan Digital Solutions.

Our Services

Digital Marketing

All the services that facilitates your Digital Marketing needs such as Facebook Ad Campaign, Instagram Ad, LinkedIn Branding, Google Display Ad, Google Search Ad, YouTube Ad, and WhatsApp Marketing.

Business Growth

All the services that facilitates your business to grow in an organic way such as Website Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Relevant and Powerful Content, and Video Production.

Business Automation

Handling customers and their requests is no longer just manual work. We help you implement Automation of various marketing needs such as, Leads to Sales conversion Automation, and social Network Engagements with customers, improving Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Business Engagement. You just need to get the required licenses per Government policies.

Education & Training

Our giving back program has two units, CareerON and DigiTED. CareerON deals with empowering the college graduates and corporate employees with the required Soft Skill Training. DigiTED deals with empowering interested people to get a job or career in the Digital Marketing Space.

Not yet entered into the Digital Marketing Space? No presence in the Social Media Platforms? Are you losing a lot of business revenue to your competitors? This is the time to connect with us to bring the transformation. We will work with the same objective as you. Your business success is our success.

We provide one stop solution and work on the best strategies for all your digital marketing needs with best quality and high Return On Investment (ROI). Our Solutions will increase your customer base organically or inorganically with less expenses.

social media marketing and paid ads get maximum returns

What do Digital Marketing Agency do for Business Growth?

If you have a question “Why do I need to reach out to a digital marketing agency or a digital marketing consultant to improve my business?”, below is the list of marketing services and solutions you can get from Vihaan Digital Solutions.

  1. Strategic Planning and Consultation
  2. Social Media Presence Enhancement
  3. Paid Advertisement Campaigns
  4. Organic Growth Strategies
  5. Content Marketing Strategies
  6. Data Analytics and Optimization
  7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Steps to implement Digital Marketing for your Business

Why Social Media Marketing is Important for Business?

We at Vihaan Digital Solution help our clients to increase their business growth rapidly by enhancing their presence in social media. There are organic and inorganic ways of growing a business. As a digital marketing agency, we apply the best techniques to achieve the targeted goals to increase the customer base and sales.

The organic way of increasing followers and building credibility among customers requires certain techniques, consistency, and relative content to keep them engaged on social media platforms. It requires quick actions for every response that we receive from the audience. Either we can automate with workflows to give the best user experience for the audience or setup strategies to collect their contact data to do a follow-up.

The other way to promote your business as part of social media marketing is through paid Ads on popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram. At Vihaan Digital Solutions we understand your business, analyze your competitors, study your customer base, and design the advertisement content accordingly. Based on our research, We will implement the techniques and strategies to reduce your advertisement expenses but get high ticket leads.

Speak to our team today to run your paid advertisements using Meta Ads to publish your sponsored Ads on Facebook and Instagram with the right budget according to your business. At the same time, we help to organically grow your social media marketing for long-term business growth.
Best day to start digital marketing is today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the digital marketing services provided by Vihaan Digital Solutions?

When you approach Vihaan Digital Solution to improve your business and sales, we work on a personalized solution for your needs. We do analyze in all 360-degree to design short-term and long-term solutions to achieve the target goals.

According to your needs we will apply a few or all of the following services: Facebook & Instagram Business Profile Optimization, Organically increase the followers in Social Media Platform, Social Media Marketing organically also using paid Ads, Landing Page Design focusing on leads / Sales funnel to increase the conversion rate, Website for your business, Payment Gateway Integration, Content Marketing, Automation Workflows, Automation of Audience engagement, Google Business Configuration, Whatsapp Business Configuration, Google Adsense, Google Ads, Google Search Console, Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Contact Us using the form provided on our Contact page to talk with one of our agents.

Why you chose Vihaan Digital Solutions for your Digital Marketing needs?

Vihaan Digital Solutions is a young company with a lot of fresh thoughts and creativity to improve your business. Our agents are result-oriented and work based on the data.

We understand the needs of digital marketing for Real Estate is different from the digital marketing for a make-up artist. So our solutions and services are unique and they will help you to get more leads and sales conversion

We analyze every business and include the target goals set by our customers. We give you the feel of being with your close friend who truly wants to help in your business growth.

Which company is best for Digital Marketing in Chennai, South India?

There are a few best digital marketing companies in South India, and Vihaan Digital Solutions is one of the best Chennai-based Digital Marketing and Business Consultation Company.

Vihaan Digital Solution is popular for the best customer experience and having high credibility among its customers. At Vihaan Digital Solutions you will feel comfortable both personal and business care.

Is Digital Marketing Course useful?

Yes, a Digital Marketing Course will be highly beneficial for both Individuals who like to take this as a career and Businesses who like to improve their business and sales. There are lot of earning potential in this field as this is truly digital and all you need is the required tools and a computer to do your job.

Learning a digital marketing course from an expert who teaches you practically and gives personal attention during the training and post-training support is important.

Do not waste your money on cheaper courses. Study the premium digital marketing course from Vihaan Digital Solutions and get assured of the required knowledge for Digital Marketing. You can find the list of courses offered by Vihaan Digital Solutions from the Education menu or start with the list of Digital Marketing Courses.

Can I do Digital Marketing Course after 12th?

There is no such educational qualification required to learn Digital Marketing Course. You may need some English language knowledge to read the tool’s contents.

Your educational qualification will not be a barrier to learning Digital Marketing Courses and other related courses from Vihaan Digital Solutions. You can either start your agency or work as a freelancer soon after completing the course. You will receive 15+ course completion certificates from Vihaan Digital Solutions to prove your knowledge.

However, if you apply for a job in other companies they may expect the educational qualification according to their policies.

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