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The first step is to learn from an expert when you aim high to get a job or start your own business as an agency or freelancer. No worries, our experts at Vihaan Digital Solutions know exactly your needs to achieve your goal in the Digital Marketing World.

Enjoy the best experience of learning the Premium Chennai’s Best Digital Marketing Course from the experts who designed this course to teach everything you must know to enter the high-demand field of Digital Marketing. Learn the Agency Styled Digital Marketing Courses from Vihaan Digital Solutions and practice as a Marketing Agency.

You will learn all about

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM),
  • Facebook, Instagram,
  • Running Ads on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp using Meta Business Account,
  • Google Ads,
  • LinkedIn,
  • Google Analytics,
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO),
  • Content Marketing,
  • Email Marketing,
  • Website Development using WordPress,
  • Automation Workflows,
  • Landing Pages and more

When you study this Premium Digital Marketing Course, you will get the opportunity to practice everything practically under the guidance of our experts. Though there are a lot of materials available to do self-learning for many courses, to prevent money wastage by subscribing to unstable and unwanted tools and software, Digital Marketing Courses need a strong mentor to remove the hiccups and speed up the learning time without wasting money and time. Never hesitate to speak to us and get an expert mentor to guide you throughout the journey if you are serious about learning any of the Digital Marketing Courses and getting a job or starting a business.

All your queries will be answered immediately during the classes. Just join this course and rest assured you will become a Freelancer or an entrepreneur with your Marketing Agency or join your dream job in Marketing in one of the many corporates that are highly in need of Digital Marketing Experts.

The duration of the Advanced Premium Digital Marketing Course is 4 months with a class duration of 8 hours per week. This course is effectively conducted both in Online and offline (Classroom) with all the highly interactive techniques to enable the students to understand fully and do it practically during the class time itself.

Key highlights of this course:

  1. Course Completion Certificate for Digital Marketing Courses
  2. 100% Placement Assistance
  3. LMS access for 6 months
  4. Weekly Doubt Clearance Session
  5. EMI option for Fee Payment
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Regular Fee: ₹70,000
Students Discount: up to 50% (limited period only)
Business Owners Discount: up to 25% (limited period only)

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Social Media Marketing and Branding

This course is ideal for someone interested in focusing only on branding and promoting on Social Media Platforms. You will learn the techniques to get the most important information from the business owner. You will learn how to create a check list to do a competitor analysis.
More from the business point, you will learn how to promote the brand and grow the brand by learning the techniques of organic and inorganic (paid) promotions. A business is not just the brand of the product. You will learn to grow the personal branding of the individual business owner along with the business brand.

Social Media Marketing focuses more on creating the required type of social media accounts, optimizing them to improve crawling by search engines, and various content types to engage the audience and grow followers. A detailed study about the audience, how to choose the targeted audience, and run paid sponsored Ads with a low budget but get more volume of high ticket leads.

Social Media Marketing & Branding course book cover
Regular Fee: ₹20,000
Students Discount: up to 35% (limited period only)
Business Owners Discount: up to 25% (limited period only)

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