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Google Analytics

Data is the new Fuel for the Digital World. We can now take complete advantage of Google Analytics to collect data from your own website from each and every page. These data are key for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and improve marketing strategies. These data are key for Marketing agencies like Vihaan Digital Solutions to get the complete insights of user interactions, traffic funnel, and conversion rates.

Benefits of Google Analytics

On long-term and continuous tracking there are a lot of benefits you get from Google Analytics data. Some of the key benefits includes:

  • Better decisions and strategies based on real data
  • Deep insights into your user behavior, the most visited and gaps in the navigation flow
  • Identify the most visited pages and understand the conversion rates in a better way
  • Analyze the effectiveness of the marketing strategies through the performance of your marketing campaign
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Techniques of doing Google Analytics

There are lot of efforts required to bring in all the techniques for an effective Google Analytics implementation. This requires account setup, code implementation, setting up a proper view strategy to track the data, set a goal or benchmark to measure the performance, setup trackers for e-commerce sites, trackers for specific campaigns, and the most user behaviour event tracking. All the data need to be tracked and analyzed periodically for actions to improve the weak areas.